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Online Football Betting Odds in Online Casino

Do you have any idea about the types of odd when you playing betting games in any online casino platform? Regardless if you are someone who is new to online betting, or gamblers who already have years of gambling experience, we are here to share you some betting odds you need to understand. As your knowledge with the wager odds will give you an advantage on how you place your bet online in any casino platform.

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What is the Meaning of Odds?

It brings the meaning of probability of the outcome of specific game or event. For instance, which team will win in a sport game and what is actual outcome of the result.

Money line Odds

First things first, moneyline also known as American odds, as this type of odds is widely used in most of the sports games in America. There are two types of odds categorized under moneyline which are underdog and favorites.

UK Odds

UK odds is widely called as fractional odds, as it presented as a fraction. For instance, an odds of 5/1 carry the meaning that you are to win five units per unit that you wager on. Hence, you will end up having a total payout of $6, as you won $5 and gained back your original $1 bet.

Decimal Odds

European odd is also named as decimal odds. It usually uses in the sports on European countries, which is really straight forward, easy to understand. Besides European countries, it also uses in area such as in Australia, Canada and New Zealand.